Have you ever heard of Afrohouse? If not, then it is time for you to try it! Afrohouse is a style popping by on every Kizomba party. It is a mix of house, with african drums and lyrics, created by DJ’s. Being a fusion of musical styles, the dance style created to it, is just as mixed. It is a fusion of traditional African dancing, from countries like Angola, Cape Verdie, Ivory Coast and Ghana, mixed with House dancing en Hip Hop. This powerfull fusion is very energetic and lots of fun. Allround dance teacher Jill Medina is teaching a bootcamp in this style on Saturday 6th of October and on the 3rd of November from 11.00 tot 13.00 uur. This is a bootcamp, (an intensieve workshop) Afrohouse. Registration is possible with the aplication form with note ‘ bootcamp Afrohouse’.