Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a silent dialog of temptation, fantasy and sensuality. The roots of this dance are based in the melancholy and the nostalgy of South European immigrants in the Argentine lower class districts and of the poor inhabitants of the pampa’s, who tried to find a better life in the town.

Abused as vulgar brothel dance by the Argentine upper class at the beginning of the twentieth century, afterwards clasped into the heart of the same upper class, and from the sixties kicked into a corner by the rock-‘n-roll and disco music, the Tango started with a come-back in the last decennia. For the younger generation Argentinians, the Tango is a symbol of national pride. Also outside Argentinia the Tango started with a giant come-back in the eighties.

Everybody who wants to experience the devotion to the warm sounds of the bandoneon, bass and violin of the Tango, can follow the starters class Argentine Tango. In these classes you will learn the music, the base steps and those small movements to ravish each other. Dance partner required.

European champions Carlos Mirella are teaching the classes.