Together with Merengue, Bachata has its origin the Dominican Republic. Bachata (=making fun) is dance music that originates from the country in the beginning of the 1960’s. Joy and melancholy come together and give their form to this music, that is also known as the Dominican variant of the Bolero.

The music is characterised by the acoustic guitar, bongo and maracas. Nowadays Bachata is not longer the typical country music from the early days. It has grown to a dance and music style that is very popular over the whole Dominican nation and it now slowly starts to become popular in Europa and the United States. In the modern version of this partner dance the base steps are completed by a lot of feet movements and figures. This style is influenced by other dances such as Merengue and Salsa. The figures from these dances are applied in Bachata which resulted in faster and more whipping music.

Bachata Fusion is a mix of styles suitable for those who are familiar with the basics of Bachata. In this style figures from all dances such as Tango, Salsa etc. will be integrated. That means lots of original figures, dips and styling, but also the typical Dominican footwork. If you dance already some Bachata, but would you like to expand your repertoire? Would you like to learn some more spectacular figures and just want follow a nice, cozy lesson? Then sign up for our Bachata Fusion lessons.

Teachers are Jimmy&Lisette. 

Bachata Sensual  is another style within Bachata, developed in Spain by Korke Escalona and Judith Cordero. Korke wanted, more then 13 years ago, to be able to express more emotions and passion into the dance. So multiple moves were added to the dance, in order to create more connection and harmony between dance partners. This style of Bachata is very sensual, which you could hear cleary in the musicstyle. Characteristics of this style are a lot of bodymovements, the isolations and dips.

Teahcers are Fabian & Melona? Kijk dan op hun pagina.