Burlesque comes from Italy and started as a humorous art form (burla = joke). In the classes we focus on enlarging the movements, making the movement sensual and the sexy feeling that burlesque creates which results in more self confidence on the dance floor. Ladies would undress on stage, not to seduce, but to push boundries and stand up for their female stranghts. There was a lot of humor in their shows, bringing up political issues in an over the top matter, giving women a voice. Burlesque has gotten more elements of show, however men will always enjoy the feminine beauty, the performance is a celebration of women empowerment.

For every woman it is an addition to their selfconfidence to take a few classes or bootcamps in Burlesque. To become stronger in the most volnurable way and learning the act of seduction. In class we will work with boas, gloves and chairs to work on your stage presence.

Classes are being taught by Rieneke.