Carlos & Mirella

Argentine Tango – Samba de Gafieira – Zouk

Carlos has been dancing for most of his life. With his love for dancing Carlos shares with everyone his great passion for Zouk, Tango and Samba. Since 2004 he has traveled around the world on cruise ships as a dance teacher. He has more than 50 shows on his name with the company ‘Tango & Passion’.

In addition, Carlos gave workshops and bootcamps on all major Zouk, Tango and Samba events in Brazil. In 2011, the cruise ship where he worked for, anchored in Rotterdam, his current home.

Mirella started a co-operation with Carlos in 2011. Mirella has been dancing for years and in 2007 she studied at the Albeda Dance College in Rotterdam. Then, in 2011, she started at the Fontys Dance Academy. Carlos and Mirella are both nationally and internationally active. Besides their passionated Zouk, Tango and Samba Gafieira performances, they give lessons in a clear and competent manner.

In February 2015 Carlos and Mirella finished as second best in ‘Everybody Dance Now’ and as second best during the European championships Argentine Tango.

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