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Caribbean Kingsnight April 26th 2019

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With the previous editions of Caribbean Kingsnight, the turnout was overwhelming. So buy your ticket in time! Online tickets Time: 10 pm – 3 am Room 1: salsa and bachata with DJ Donnie and LIVE on stage MASALSA & RUDY VARELA Room 2: all-round DJ Merian (kizomba, zouk and request numbers) Photographer: Doralin Cirstea from […]

Dance party’s Tuesday & Friday

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Every Tuesday & friday you can dance in 2 rooms during our weekly Tuesday & friday evening party. Tuesdayparty: Room 1: salsa / bachata – changing DJ Room 2: kizomba / zouk – DJ Dani & / or DJ Lisa Rose Time party: 22: 00- 01:00 PLEASE NOTE: the dance evening starts at 9:30 PM […]

Brazilian Zouk Party april 2019

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The Brazilian Zouk party at Dos Bailadores has been a household name in the Zouk scene for 14 years. On Saturday, April 20, we will have two toppers from the Netherlands: Willem and Laili. If there is someone who can learn you perfect technique in zouk, then it is Willem. The emphasis in this workshop […]

Open days March and April 2019

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Sunday, March 31st and Thursday, April 4th, 2019 we have our free open days. Here you can taste the atmosphere and get a good impression of our extensive dance offer. Short test lessons are alternated with demonstrations of the various dances by teachers and students. The new courses start in the week from 7th – […]