Salsa – Ladystyling 


Cyldra goes under the name Miz Brown Sugar, her alter ego. Her parents have Carribean roots and gave her the  exotic looks. Her career as a dancer began at the age of sixteen with Latin American Ballroom and Standard dancing. Rapidly her  natural talent for the Latin dances was discovered and after a year and a half she started thus with competition dancing. This resulted in the nineties, to two times, a Dutch champion title, firstly in Latin 3, followed by Latin 2.

With her Latin background and a tremendous amount of technical knowledge she was much talked about and a freuquently asked performer at Salsaevents.

Through mouth-to mouth advertising and her general appearence she became a much sought after teacher and performer for demo-groeps from  all over the world. Her international career was born!

In her lessons Brown Sugar puts emphasis on a good, firm basic technique, because that is according to her, indispensable during dancing.

If you master the basic tecniques you can work in different styles to start extending the repertoire, by means of following courses like intermediate/advanced training, technique (master) Class, and her Ladies-styling course in which technique is perfected by Brown Sugar.