Salsa – Ladystyling


Daphne grew up with music and dance because of South American roots on the part of her mother. That is why it did not take long before she discovered her passion for dance. Since 2009 Daphne has been dancing Salsa and her international career allowed her to be on stage regularly on TV shows for RTL and the public television station. 

Daphne is known for her unique style in which energetic and powerful movements, flow together with feminine elegance and grace.

In her Ladystyling classes, she inspires you to search for your own femininity, so you could shine more while dancing. The classes are especially for women who are looking for their next move in dancing and who would like to learn how to add more spice and character to the dance.

Tuesday evenings, Daphne, together with Windert, teach the Salsa Plus classes, in which the feminine touch is added. Her analytical eye will give all women in class personal tips in order to bring their dance to a higher level. Ladaystyling classes are also taught on Tuesdays.