Jimmy & Lisette



Jimmy is a primary school teacher in his daily life. A few years ago he ended up by chance on a dance school. There he came into contact with Salsa and later on also with Bachata. Since then he has followed various bootcamps and workshops with the top of the world.

This has significantly boosted his level and has increased his passion. He has followed the teachers training and since then he gives Salsa and Bachata lessons.

Lisette has been dancing since early age, classical ballet and was determined to become a dance teacher. Dancing is giving her peace of mind but also gives her energy from all the fun. 

With a good classical background and an intensive training, Lisette owned a few Latin dance styles. At Dos Bailadores, she is teaching together with Jimmy, the regular classes Bachata. Here they can both share their passion with their students, having a lot of fun, but making sure the technique is on a high level.

Jimmy & Lisette teach bachata level 1 and a creative own style called Bachata Fusion. This is a combination of Dominican style footwork, with multiple different dance styles.

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