Manodj started as a course participant at Claudio Gomes in 1994. Claudio saw that Manodj is very  talented and recognised his passion for dance. After some time assisting with the lessons he asked him to become dance teacher.

In 1996 Manodj started with Salsa lessons, but soon this was extended with Samba de Gafieira, Zouk and Axé. Manodj visits Brazil on a regular base to follow lessons near the source from famous dancers and dancing teachers.

In his lessons Manodj pays much attention to a good technique. Therefore a clear explanation is very important and he gives the people the attention they need. But the most important is that people enjoy themselves and feel pleasant during the lessons. He tries to bring his enthusiasm to the people. Manodj obtains a lot of energy and satisfaction from giving dance lessons. Manodj is certified Zumba instructor and the Axé specialist of The Netherlands.

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