Rueda – Salsa


Marco started in 1996 with a beginners class Salsa at Dos Bailadores. He was impressed by the music and the warm sultry dance and proved to be very talented. Soon Marco started to assist in other classes enthusiasticly. But not only Salsa had his interest.

For many years he danced Axé and he also participated a number of years in the Summer Carnival in Rotterdam. Marco loves energetic Salsa, but he also has a soft spot for romantic Salsa music. As Salsa-with-right in 1996 prevailed at Dos Bailadores, he is absolutely familiar with that style. Later on right changed to left, so he mastered both styles. In addition, Marco followed courses at other dance schools, which include other styles like ‘Cuban Style’ and ‘Rueda de Casino’. But he has never left Dos Bailadores and he is now a recognised teacher at the dance school. Marco is committed to personal attention to his Salsa learners and likes to set the dots on the ‘i’ but he never looses sight of the fun.

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