The new classes will start three times a year; medio January, April and September. If you are new or if you don’t follow classes currently, then register using the registration form on this website.
If you follow classes at this moment soon it will be possible to sign up for the new season. You can sign up for a follow-up class on the registration lists. Your signature is considered as an official registration and you agree with the payment and cancellation conditions. By signing up now you, we try to take into account everyone’s preferences when making the new schedule. The more students from your class are already signing up for a course, the greater the chance that your lesson will continue at the desired time.

Attention Show dancers! Dos Bailadores offers you the possibility to do a tryout of your (latest) show on one of our dance nights. The opportunity to dance your show for an audience and to get the necessary stage experience!
Interested? Mail to or call 06-54206755.

Own consumptions
Dos Bailadores is a dance school where atmosphere and friendliness is paramount. Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t follow lessons with us. To organize lessons and dance nights it is necessary to have bar facilities. However, we note that there are visitors who bring their own refreshments. We therefore would like to point out to everyone that private consumptions are not allowed, even not during classes of sporting nature like Zumba. We hope for your understanding, so that we can continue to organise fun activities and lessons.
Dos Bailadores has a unique automated wardrobe system. It is free to use, completely secure and you can operate it yourself. However, we often see coats on the rack. Also for fire safety, we ask everyone to make use of the automated system. If you don’t know how the wardrobe works, please ask one of our staff members.

Scientific research shows that physically active older people have less brain damage, related to their age. Their decline may be slowed by regular exercise. Click here for the article in the Volkskrant of August 7th 2013.
That moving, and especially Salsa dancing, is good for patients with Parkinson’s disease has been proven by Dos Bailadores for many years. Every Friday there are special Salsa lessons for people with Parkinson’s disease and for those people the regular Salsa lessons are going too fast. At a leisurely pace all the steps will be explained. Besides dancing the social aspect plays an important role during these lessons. So do not hesitate and join us with the Salsa lessons!
On Friday November 4th 2011 television recordings have been made from Peter Struch at the dance school. The television program ‘KoffieMAX’ pays attention to elderly people that are still very active in their item ‘Hoezo oud?!’. The item has been broadcasted on 14 November 2011. Click here for the link to the broadcast. In ‘Psychologie Magazine’ an interview with Peter Struch has been published in which he explains why he still likes to dance. Click here for the  article.