Salsa Styling

Salsa Ladystyling is a special Salsa class for women with at least Salsa level 2 experience. Special attention will be paid to co-ordination and balance, feet movements (‘open shines’), arm movements, elegance of the lady in the Salsa, individual dancing and dancing right and left.

In the class Salsa Ladystyling Choreo you will learn a short choreography in which all elements of styling will be used: elegance, sexyness, technique and body movements. It is the intention that the learned choreography will be performed for an audience, e.g. at a dance night and at the open day. This class is suitable for ladies that love challenge and have at least 1½ years of experience with Salsa.

On a regular base also Salsa Menstyling workshops and classes are given. In this class you will learn the details of Salsa. Attention will be paid to e.g. leading the lady, dance technique, improvisation and music interpretation.

The regular classes and bootcamps are thought by teachers Cyldra en Dahpne.