One of the most important and popular streams in Caribbean dance is Salsa. This partner dance has been created by the unique fusion of European grace, African rhythm and Caribbean dances like Merengue, Bolero and Son. Salsa means literally ‘sauce’. Just as in every good blended sauce the base ingredients stay the same each lesson, but every time we give it more and more flavour. Salsa is a dance for two. Salsa is fast, sultry and sensual. Salsa provides you with freedom for creativity and improvisation. Salsa is moving in harmony, with the music as well with each other. Always different, alternate and varied. Salsa is irresistible.

All Salsa levels are danced ‘with left’, i.e. the international LA-style. The classes have been inspired by the original Antillian Salsa style of Dos Bailadores with emphasis on elegant, rhythmic, fluent and harmonic movements. The classes are provided at 5 levels. The beginners class is very suitable to start with, even if you never danced before.

Level 1 – Beginners class
In the beginners class Merengue and Salsa will be introduced. Merengue is a cheerful and easy dance from the Dominican Republic.

Level 2 till 5 – Follow-up classes for (semi-)advanced
In these classes emphasis will be on Salsa. The various figure combinations and dance styles will be explained extensively. At level 3 some attention will be paid to Cha Cha Cha. At level 5 attention will be paid to Rueda de Casino too.

Salsa ‘Old School’
More than 20 years ago The Netherlands and Curaçao danced their own Salsa: Antillean Salsa. This smooth and energetic style of dancing was unique in the world. Leo and Monique can rightly be called one of the pioneers of this former Salsa style. Antillean Salsa is danced with the right foot forward and has more rotary movements, like the Cuban Salsa. Now by dancing with the left foot forward and by integrating the Antillean Salsa into LA-style, Leo and Monique developed a new style with Salsa ‘Old School’. More possibilities, new variations and smooth motion. Moreover, hereinafter you can easier dance with Cuban Salsa dancers and it will also be useful when learning Rueda de Casino. Participation is possible when you have finished Salsa level 4.

Salsa Summary
Have you finished all 5 Salsa levels, but want to refresh all figures? Then this class will fit you! In this class we will refresh all figures up till level 5 and attention will be paid to the finishing touch.

Salsa Plus
Salsa Plus is the highest level and is suitable for those who want a new challenge. Everything is possible, depending on the wishes of the group: repeating combinations, new figures, dance technique etc. Every season the class, based on LA-style, will be different. Therefore you can participate in this class more often. Participation is possible when you have finished Salsa level 5. Registration with a dance partner required.

For Salsa, multiple teachers are active within the Dos Bailadores team:Monique, WindertMarco, Christina, Angelique , Cyldra, Daphne & Peggy.

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