Most courses start three times a year: in January, in April and in September. You can register in three ways:
• Preferably via this website (registrationform).
• During the open days that are organized three times a year.
* By calling 071-5222233 if online is not possible (between 13.30-16.30 hours)
After receiving your registration you will be classified and you will receive confirmation by e-mail. In case of changes or when a course is full, we will contact you as soon as possible.
If you have been assigned to a time that is not suitable for you, please contact us immediately.
If you have registered for the following season during the last course, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail well before the start of the course. If you want to change your registration, please send us a message as soon as possible by e-mail.

Our courses and workshops are governed by our “Dos Bailadores 2018 General Terms and Conditions”.

We focus on dance and fun. That is why we have kept the costs for our students as low as possible. See the overview below. The prices are per person (if it is not clear: keep your phone in landscape mode (sideways)) Standard prices


1 course 10 classes of 1 hour 10 classes 115,00 euro*
2 different courses in this season by the same person 20 classes 200,00 euro
3 different courses in this season by the same person 30 classes 270,00 euro
4 different course in this season by the same person 40 classes 340,00 euro
Single class Salsa slow/Parkinson when y0u want to take a class only once 1  hour 12,50 euro
Single class (= trial class) when y0u want to take a class only once 1  hours 13,50 euro
Singles class Salsa 1 fast when y0u want to take a class only once 1,5 hours 20,00 eur0
Single class BachaTinta (thursday) when y0u want to take a class only once 1,5 hours 20,00 euro
Single class Kizomba 1 fast when y0u want to take a class only once 1,5 hours 20,00 euro
Single class Samba solo when y0u want to take a class only once 1,5 hours 20,00 euro

Overige prijzen en kortingen

Salsa Slow/Parkinson no discount in combination with other courses 8 lessons 90,00 euro
BachaTinta (Thursday) or Salsa 1 fast 5 lessons of 1.5 hours no combination discount 7,5hours  85,00 euro
BachaTinta (Thursday) & Salsa 1 fast* 10 lessons of 1.5 hours, discount if both courses 15 hours 165,00 euro
Samba Solo 5 lessons of 1.5 hours no combination discount 7,5hours  85,00 euro
Kizomba 1 fast 5 lessons of 1,5 uur hours, no combination discount 7,5hours   85,00 euro
Rueda* 10 lessons of 1 hour, only discount combined with Cuban 10 hours 115,00 euro
Zouk or Bellydance 10 lessons of 1 hour, no combination discount 10 hours 115,00 euro
BachaTinta (intermediate) 6 lessons of 1,5 hours, no combination discount  9 hours 115,00 euro
* here only the above combi discount applies and not for example the 3 courses discount
Prijzen bootcamps
Argentijnse tango each part 50 euros with advance payment, 60 euros at the door 2 hours 50,00 euro
Ladystyling Bachata 30 euros with advance payment, 37.50 euros at the door 2,5 hours 30,00 euro
Zouk or Ladystyling Salsa or Semba or Bellydance 37.50 euros with advance payment, 45 euros at the door 3 hours a 37,50 euro

* no discount in combination with other course (s)
€ 10, – discount on all beginners courses Salsa, Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata, and Bellydance consisting of 10 lessons. A discount of € 5 applies to the Salsa 1 accelerated course and Kizomba 1 accelerated course. The student discount applies to course participants who register for the first time and are in possession of a valid college or university student card (age 27).

Students of salsa 1 have free access to weekly dance evenings on Tuesday and Friday evenings during the course season. Those who follow a beginners course in Zouk have free access to the monthly Brazilian Party during the course season.


Students can transfer the course fee to: Dos Bailadores Foundation in Leiden, IBAN: NL 72 INGB 0007227455, stating: first and last name , date of birth, course (s) and day (s). If the course fee has not been transferred before the start of the lessons, the course fee should preferably be paid by pin at the latest on the first lesson. Only then is participation possible. For late payment we charge € 10 administration costs.

A course can be canceled at least 1 week before the start. In that case, a cancellation fee of € 20 will be charged per person. Paid tuition fees will be returned after deduction of this € 20.00. If the amount has not yet been paid, a cancellation fee of € 20 must be paid. Courses that are canceled within 1 week before the start of the course or later must be paid in full. The cancellation must be in writing and can be sent to: Dos Bailadores, Postbus 503, 2300 AM Leiden or to: info @ dosbailadores. nl. You are responsible for checking whether the relevant written cancellation has been received by us in time and in good order.
The full tuition fee will only be refunded if a course expires, that is, we cancel it if there is insufficient participation.
Missed class hours can be caught up in parallel courses in consultation with the teacher during the season.

Clothing advice: casual wear, easy to sit and airy. At Zumba, Samba Solo and Axé we recommend sporting clothing. Footwear: at Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Kizomba and Tango you can best wear shoes that are comfortable to wear or that you also like to wear in everyday life. Make sure that they are not too rough. At Axé, Afrohouse, Zouk and Zumba it is best to wear flat shoes, dance sneakers or sports shoes with a thin sole.
Most dance lessons are in the evening, often after a long working day. We therefore advise you, if possible, to take a shower or at least to freshen up and to wear clean clothing when you go for lessons. In particular with partner dances, your dance partner will certainly appreciate this!
We request that you attend the first lesson 30 minutes earlier for administration and payment.
Please inform us of address and telephone changes in time.
If you would like to download the timetable and price overview in PDF, click on the following link: