Marloes, Karen and Eva are the three teaching the Bellydance lessons together. After years of following individual lessons and gaining experience with performances and workshops they joined forces in 2011. Inspired by their beautiful friend and Bellydance teacher Judith they came to the name Zahabiya.

Zahabiya is derived from the word gold and is an Arabic girl name. When Judith danced, she danced for them like a golden butterfly.

On a weekly base Zahabiya provides lessons, performs at parties and events and gives workshops. Zahabiya has evolved in different Bellydance styles such as American Bellydance, Classical Egyptian, Baladi and Saidi. Various attributes are used such as veils, fan veils and zills. During the lessons the basics of Bellydance are learned in a friendly and cheerful way. As the lessons progress, more and more styles and the use of attributes will be learned. Because of the different Bellydance backgrounds of the teachers a varied range of lessons will be given.

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