September 2nd, 2021


Dear (future) dancer,


Summer workshops and practice nights on Tuesday: registration is mandatory via the schedule below at the date of your choice.



The scheduled 10-week timetable is also online now. Scroll to course, day, starting day of your choice click on it and subscribe. Please, also register your phone number.
In case you already registered for September 2021 or last January, and paid in advance, your payment will remain valid for courses that start in September. Naturally, your registration remains valid as well.


PAY ATTENTION! To avoid crowds in the corridors and dance halls at the change of class, we have adjusted the lesson times slightly this season and have planned a short break between the different lessons. For as long as necessary, we have shortened the lessons by 5 minutes. We assume that this is a temporary measure. It may therefore be that your lesson does not start exactly on the full or half hour, as you are used to. Therefore, take a good look at the start times in the timetable.



*open level means that you are not a beginner