June 8, 2021


Dear (future) dancer,

GOOD NEWS! Dance schools are opening and group lessons are allowed again. Therefore, as from Monday, June 14 we will organize several summer dance courses. It is a varied program and we try to meet every ones needs. In salsa on Monday and Tuesday, the emphasis is on refreshing what has been teached before. The perfect opportunity to warm up for September. Sign up as soon as possible, because FULL = FULL. We take into account the allowed group size.

If you are interested in partner dancing, it is advisable to register with your own dance partner. If you don’t have one and would like to take lessons, we will see who else does not have a partner or who wants to participate as a permanent assisting dance partner. We will change partners as little as possible this season. Of course, you don’t need a dance partner for Salsa Ladystyling and Bachata solo.

All summer courses consist of 4 lessons. The last class is on July 7. There are no discounts on the summer courses.



The practice evenings are also starting. The kick-off is on Tuesday, June 15 for salsa/bachata/kizomba and on Saturday, June 19 for zouk. Registration is mandatory via the summer schedule below at the date of your choice.



The scheduled 10-week timetable, which was already online, has been put offline temporarily, in order for us to make necessary adjustments for September. In case you already registered before for September 2021 or last January, and paid in advance, your payment will remain valid for courses that start in September. Naturally, your registration remains valid as well.


PAY ATTENTION! To avoid crowds in the corridors and dance halls at the change of class, we have adjusted the lesson times slightly this season and have planned a short break between the different lessons. For as long as necessary, we have shortened the lessons by 5 minutes. We assume that this is a temporary measure. It may therefore be that your lesson does not start exactly on the full or half hour, as you are used to. Therefore, take a good look at the start times in the timetable.