Dear (future) dancer,

Below you will find the class schedule for January – April 2021. If the lockdown will be longer, we will keep the same schedule but start later.
If you are interested in classes, but you don’t know which, please visit our opens houses. For now they are plannen on 20 and 22 of January. If you register yourself (it is for free) than we can keep you informed about everything.

If you are interested in partner dancing, it is advisable to register with your own dance partner. If you do not have one and you would like to take a lesson, we will see who else does not have a partner or who wants to participate as a permanent assisting dance partner. We will change partners as little as possible this season.

New is salsa solo for beginners 2, ladystyling salsa on Thursday, a short beginners salsa course later in the season and a salsa Cuban solo course.

Do not wait too long to register as soon as it is possible, because we keep a close eye on the group size, so that you have enough room to move.

There are no holidays this season.

PAY ATTENTION! To avoid crowds in the corridors and dance halls at the change of class, we have adjusted the lesson times slightly this season and have planned a short break between the different lessons. For as long as necessary, we have shortened the lessons by 5 minutes. We assume that this is a temporary measure. It may therefore be that your lesson does not start exactly on the full or half hour, as you are used to. Therefore, take a good look at the start times in the timetable.

NOTE: discounts! If you want to follow several courses or if you are a student, check the page “prices” under “discounts” for a discount code that you need when you register.