The new season starts in the week of 15 until 20 september 2019 on our new location at the Lammenschansweg 134a in Leiden (above the Leen Bakker) and on the location of DC Dance at the Rietschans 67 in Leiderdorp.

The open days are at 8 & 11 september in Leiden. On 9 september there is an open day in Leiderdorp.

You can find the schedule below. Select at “alle cursussen” the name of your course, or use the other filters. Click on “inschrijven” on the right side to open the form in another window. If you applied during the current season by the signature lists, you are already automatically registered. Our apologies, the register-module is in Dutch.

Download an A4-PDF or an A3-PDF of our schedule!